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"When my dad got cancer in 2013,
was theArtto my retreat and theMusicto my confidant."
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Chiara Marie Müller

Artist, Violinist, Singer & Songwriter

birth date: April 21, 2005

Grew up in: Vienna

Residence: Pressbaum / Lower Austria

life motto: "Die with memories. Not dreams."

Training: Kindergarten & after-school teacher

art style: realism

instruments: violin, guitar, ukulele, piano

genre: Pop/Acoustic & Classic

training path

2011- 2015

2015 - 2019

2019 - today

Elementary school: Pressbaum

From the 3rd elementary school my class became the "string class". Everyone could choose between violin, viola, cello and double bass. Since I found the double bass and cello too unwieldy at the time and wondered how they should fit in Mama's car and I didn't know viola, I decided on the violin! From that day on, I knew music was going to be my best friend!

AHS lower level: Wienerwaldgymnasium Tullnerbach-Lawies

When I came to this school I had a choice between one

Real branch and a visual branch. When I decided to go into the fine arts branch, my interest in art increased. Every week I spent 6 hours drawing in which I was able to learn a lot every week!

BHS upper level: educational institution for Elementary Pedagogy Sacre Coeur

Of course I could have continued the art branch. But I realized that I would like to work with children in the future. Preferably in the field of instrumental pedagogy and music therapy!

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