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2013: String class
In elementary school, my class became a string class. This means that each of us could choose between violin, viola, cello and double bass. I decide
ed me for thatviolin.

2015: Music School

When I went to high school after elementary school, I decided to continue taking violin lessons at music school. 

2016: Orchestra
In the music school there was now the opportunity to play in the orchestra. That was my first orchestral experience. I've always wanted to play with other people! My highlight was when we
  "Viva La Vida" (version by David Garrett) played. 

2017: Quartet
At first I thought it would be boring just to play music with four. However, I was able to learn a lot and it made me feel important. Because in the orchestra many play a voice with you, but in the quartet you are on your own. This challenge was just the ticket!

2020: Private lessons
For several reasons I decided to drop out of music school and take private lessons. My main reason was more flexible times in terms of classes.

2021: Vienna Chamber Music Orchestra
In September I was allowed to play for a project in an orchestra full of professionals and students. These few days have strengthened my love for the orchestra a lot!

2022: Composing
Over the summer holidays I composed a duet for violin and flute, which I was able to perform with a friend at a brass band concert in October. Now my resolution is to compose more in the future, because I enjoy it a lot!

Since 2022: Piano lessons with Mauro Zappala

Since 2022: Violin lessons with Paul Kropfitsch

Since 2023: Member of the Lower Austrian Youth Symphony Orchestra


2015: Writing lyrics

I started writing lyrics when I was about 10 years old. At that time they weren't songs, but thoughts that later helped me to write songs.

2018: Guitar

I love to sing but have never been able to accompany myself. So I grabbed my mom's guitar and taught myself to play the guitar!

2019: Writing poetic texts

At the age of about 14 I started to write down my thoughts as poetic texts in a book. I still take the ideas for my songs from this book to this day.

2020: Piano & Ukulele

The guitar wasn't enough for me to accompany me while singing. That's why I decided to teach myself piano and ukulele as well!

2021: Jamzilla Workshop

During the holidays, Yannic Steuerer showed us what is important when playing a band and how to improvise together.

2022: HOW TO Music Video Workshop

At this workshop, Ariel Oehl taught us what is important when shooting a music video and which people are needed.

2022: Music Week

In the summer I signed up for the Wienxtra Soundbase Musicweek. From numerous workshops I have chosen the "Songwriting-Pop" workshop (Coach: Kathi Kallauch). I spent a week there, in a group

-but also to write songs myself. At the end of the week there was a final concert where I was allowed to perform my song "Don't wanna fall" live at the B72 in Vienna.

2023: Acoustic Stage Club

At the beginning of February I was allowed to perform 3 of my own songs in the Ateliertheater. I accompanied myself on the piano.

Since 2022: Writing songs every free minute!

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