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photo-output 33.JPG


Do you like my pictures?

Feel free to contact me if you want my next picture to be yours! 


winter landscape

Mixed Media: Acrylic & Gel Pens

I drew this picture in winter. When I looked out the window, I didn't see any snow anywhere. So he had to come from somewhere else.

roots in music

digital art

Music forms my roots to thrive. Above all, my violin gives me a lot of strength and brings color into my life.



digital art

The triangle symbolizes the daily structured routine. The music helps me to escape from this structure and to discover another world.

frog thoughts

pencil drawing

What do animals think when they see other animals?

photo-output 27.JPG
photo-output 32.JPG

contrast and harmony

Mixed media: gel pen & colored pencil

Although black and white form a strong contrast, there is harmony in the image. Life consists of good and bad moments, which often play together.

Don't wanna fall

digital art

This picture is the cover picture for my self written song "Don't wanna fall"


Forever together

colored pencil drawing

The little hand in the middle of the picture is my little cousin. Around her, the hands her family. 

Durer Hare

colored pencil drawing

In 2020 I took part in the Dürer rabbit competition. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but I did get a lot of praise from the manager of the Albertina!


happy dog

colored pencil drawing

This image was commissioned. 

dog from Germany

colored pencil drawing

In 2020 I ran a competition on Instagram. The top 3 got a picture. This picture went to Germany!


Soap Bubbles Christmas

Colored pencils on black paper

This picture made it into the top 10 in Austria in a Christmas card competition!

bloody rose

oil pastel

This picture was my first attempt at drawing with oil pastels. 


Where love falls

pencil drawing

This picture was commissioned/a Christmas present to a friend. 


I am a Giants Harry Potter fan! I don't think I need to say more about that.


The calm in the bird

Mixed media: watercolor & colored pencil

Even a bird needs a break and a breather. 

Some green in the grey

acrylic on wood

This picture was taken while  a hospital stay between therapies and visits. I got fired. The picture  will remain in the hospital forever though. I hope to be able to give something positive to other patients with this picture.  


My great grandpa

pencil drawing

When my great-grandfather died, I felt the need to see him one last time. So I drew him. This picture reminds still remember the good times with him. 

Save Place

colored pencil drawing

This Picture  shows me where I am in Ankaran (Slovenia) by the sea. As a child/teenager, I was allowed to go to the Red Cross junior camp. (Camp for children of seriously ill parents) These 2 weeks have given me every Year  given a lot of power again!



colored pencil drawing

With this picture I started the colored pencil drawing (in color). I drew it step by step from my textbook.

bubble beauty

Colored pencil on black paper

I loved how easy soap bubbles are to draw! It looks difficult, I'll admit it! But actually it only consists of surfaces color in and draw a colored circle in some places.


chaos in the calm

colored pencil drawing

Also with this picture I learned the colored pencil drawing. This motif is also from my textbook.

2 becomes 1

oil pastel

This Picture  I painted with a friend at the same time. She wanted to know how to shade with oil pastels. So I showed her. Katja used pink tones while I used blue tones.


fox portrait

colored pencil drawing

With this picture I wanted to fully focus on Fellmalerei specialize. I chose the fox because foxes are one of my favorite animals.

Dirty dancing

Mixed media: colored pencil & gel pen

I associate many memories of a Red Cross camp with this film (Jedes Year  we watched the film). When I still watch the film today, I feel just as good as I did at the camp.

photo-output 29.JPG

lemon picture

oil pastel

Dhis was one of my first works on a non-white paper and it was great fun!

Colorful flowers

oil pastel

This picture was my first work in the new School (Bafep)


Baby cats

colored pencil drawing

I just think baby cats are so cute and I really wanted to draw some, even if I can't have one. I don't know which one I think is cuter. 


colored pencil drawing

May I introduce: Percy! The best and bravest pony I know! It belongs to a good friend of mine and is a real Cuddly bear! 



colored pencil drawing

This picture took me at least 12 hours and was created over a weekend. I'm really proud of myself for going through with it. For a moment I thought I'd never finish...

my hands

pencil drawing

This picture was taken in class out of boredom.

photo-output 30.JPG

fruit platter

Tombow pencils - painting

When I now my collection  and had all the colors from Tombow, I had to paint something right away. 


Tombow pencils - painting

This image was a Christmas gift  to a friend. Surprisingly, I only needed 3 hours for the picture.



colored pencil drawing

This picture was a birthday present for my little cousin. She goes horseback riding and this is her favorite horse from the stable - Allegro.


Mixed media: tombow and colored pencils

In my kindergarten practice, I like to introduce a weatherman child. This child may go to Window  jump and tell us how the weather is today. So I also wanted the weatherman right away visualize.

photo-output 28.JPG

peach picture

Tombowspencil painting

I can't remember why I chose peaches, but I know that I had a long break after art class and already hunger had.

summer drink

Mixed media: tombow and gel pens

I found it really exciting what glass looks like. So I wanted to try drawing! In addition, the proportions of what can be seen in the glass also change.

photo-output 31.JPG
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