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Art style realism

2009: Art in kindergarten

When I was about 4 years old I started to draw permanently. Even in kindergarten I had nothing else in mind. When my parents picked me up, they often had to wait for me to finish my drawing. Because even then I didn't want to simply stop during a project. 

2011: Visit to Grandma

My dad and I went to my grandma's. With her we all decided to draw something together. I still remember that my dad put a beautiful rose on paper! From now on I realized "I also want to be able to draw realistically!"

2015: Gymnasium with an artistic/visual focus

After primary school I knew I wanted to go to an art school! There I spent 6 hours every week in art classes where I learned a lot of things! Starting with art history, through materials and techniques, to media design.

2018: Christmas card competition

At school we entered a Christmas card competition every year. Every year my card was selected to be submitted but unfortunately it never worked out. But in my last year, my Christmas card made it into the top 10 in Austria! (See background image)

2020: Dürer competition

When I came to the Bafep Sacre Coeur, we took part in the Dürer competition in the first year. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but I did get a lot of praise from the head of the Albertina.

Since 2019: commissioned works (realism art style)

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